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Tackle it Tuesday: fall projects..

So, fall IS here in Illinois, and I love it. Have I mentioned that I love it? I love the cooler air. I can breathe again. I feel like doing things again. For a while there, I was starting to wonder if I had mystery virus whose only symptom was exhaustion. But I’m back to my old self again, whew!

So, my counter is lined up with tomatoes. We have had so much rain that I’ve had to pull them before they got soggy. There are still a few out there. This is the third batch that have been picked.

And then there was a garage sale.. actually, the garage sales have been poor pickings at best. Stay home, don’t go. It’s not worth it. I was hard pressed to even spend $10.00!

But I did find these:

In my lifetime? About 30, which means they’ll be 20 left when I’m gone. And then some young gal will see my pile of zippers and say, “What a find!” Even so, if I only use ONE ZIPPER, I will have gotten my money out of the deal, since a new zipper can be around $3.00.

And the garden.. Yes, everyone is talking about a “fall garden”. I have no idea what that means. Do you actually go ahead and plant more things in September?

As it is, we are planting all of our free perennials that my friend, Pauline gave me.

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