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Tackle it Tuesday: from trash to treasure

Perhaps some of you remember that when I go and visit special people, I like to clean their garage.  Here’s a treasure from THIS organizing adventure. It made its way from Minnesota to Illinois, and then ended up here.

It was cluttering up my dungeon!!  I listed it as a six hour project.  

First off, I cut samples of what I thought the cushions would be, and then held them up to the real chair.  Once they looked about the right size, I cut the actual piece from the upholstery fabric.  I also made welting from a contrasting fabric.

I employed my DH to help me with the strapping.

The skirting was lined and pleated before being attached with a staple gun.

To make the cushions, I made fully filled pillow forms that were the same shape as the pillows. Making these pillows with a zipper is the best way to go.  If things “shift” over time, they can be adjusted easily.  Once you squeeze the forms in, I shove more stuffing in the nooks and crannies of the pillow form.  It makes it look sort of “pregnant”, and that’s a happy look for upholstery.

The little ties are also sewn in the seam before the seam closes.

Ta-da!!  Finished chair!!

Friends are a great treasure also.  Thank you for the kind birthday greetings. 

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