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Tackle it Tuesday: garden evaluation

Well, it’s midway through the gardening season, and it’s time for me to sit back and evaluate my current gardening adventure. This is where the rest of you who did not plant a garden have no need to feel guilt. I am going to highlight some of my disasters first.

Corn: Do you see those few spindly little corn stalks there?

That’s right. My corn was a flop. I planted about 60 seeds, and I got what?? I’ll be lucky if I get one whole ear. There about 10 million corn stalks on all sides of us, you think I could get…like.. 10? or even 5..

Flowers: I have no idea what these are called, but they came up all right–right in the middle of the vegetable patch. I know because I planted those seeds there. Sure enough, that’s right where they came up–all pink and willowy. And yes, they are perennials, so they’ll come up every year right in the middle of the garden unless I move them.

Broccoli: totally not worth it. I had one plant with a decent looking head on it, and didn’t pick it fast enough, so it totally went to seed. I think I’d have to plant 10 million plants to get enough to eat at this rate.

Beans/ sweet peas: these are the total output of several, and I mean several beans planted. I have no idea what happened. My pea pods were a snarl also. So, I got about the same amount of sugar snap peas, which were promptly eaten, so I have no pictures.

Well, on a happier note, my little “perennial garden” outside the fenced vegetable patch is doing very well, probably because there’s some sort of gopher living underneath it, fertilizing it with his uh.. stuff.

Beets: The beets did very well, and I am happy because I love beet greens. Note to self: plant more next year and pick them sooner.

Here are some things we harvested: zucchini, picked nice and small like it should be done! High five to the child who noticed one was growing and got it picked before it turned into a zucchini monster. That little bit of broccoli is from my not-so-huge harvest. And the carrots.

Lettuce/ mixed greens: these were fabulous, and very easy. I used the Earthbound Farm (free) seeds that they mailed out. I’ll use them again, and maybe even pay for their seeds next year.

My tomatoes, peppers, squash and watermelon are still not ready to be harvested yet. I don’t think I’ll even get ONE pumpkin this year. I love pumpkins, but my seeds were old, and nothing came up! Anyway, I am a very new gardener who is learning some very basic things like: don’t use old seeds, one broccoli plant is not going to feed your family, and let the professionals grow corn. Even though only half of what I planted turned out well, I am happy with what did come up. For more tackles, visit 5 minutes for mom.


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