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Tackle it Tuesday: Garden update and sewing

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The summer is in full bloom! It’s not the hot and sticky July that it could be, and we’re still getting to enjoy our garden without withering out there in the heat.

Can you say “black raspberry pie”??

The lillies are in full bloom also.

tomato plants getting bigger…

pulled some beets today…

Also, I’ve been indulging in a little basement sewing.. a botch up jacket is turning into a backpack style bag.. I’m thinking about using this as a gift for my blue and brown swap–except there’s uhh… not very much blue or brown in it..yet. Well, maybe that’s O.K.

and the blue fabric.. is starting to morph into a retro style 80’s dress. Top part is done..

for more tackles, check out five minutes for Mom


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