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Tackle it Tuesday– getting a new blog look/ focus

Today I am going to talk about how I decided on my new blog design and the decisions I had to make.

As you know, there are a plethora of “techies” out there. I am not one of them. I struggle with all of the technical aspects of blogging. Because I have smart kids who help me out, and I own a mac, I have managed to survive blogging this long. Things have gotten easier, but I still have questions. And NEW things are happening all of the time. So, for me, hiring a blog designer was a no-brainer. So, I hired Karen to help me. I was probably her worst customer of the year, hands down. I had no idea what I wanted, and I have way too many interests. But I wanted “the cadillac” of all that she offered.

Finally, after some soul searching, this lady on the ball came to me. Since there was no one volunteering to draw it, I had to draw it myself. Harrumph.

I sort of sketched it out while I was in between customers at the breakfast table for Saturday morning music. Did you know that blog designers can take a sketch and make it into something beautiful?

After my designer, Karen took 9 million hours converting it into computer pixels (shading and everything), we had to narrow down all of the possible categories that I could write about.

Writing. That is why I got into this. I love to write. The problems is: I like to write about everything and anything. Yes, I like to help people get organized or homeschool, or make friends, but what if they just want to read “weird stories”??? Laughter is the spice of my life, atleast. My mother likes my weird stories, so that should be good enough.

So, coming up with 8 plausible categories that seemed somewhat related was the toughest decision yet. I hope they are useful and user-friendly.

Another decision I had to make was “the tone” of the blog. There probably is better term for it in blogging circles. I really do not want to appear like I am the organized mother of all mothers.. please come to me and follow my ways! No, that is not it at all. Laugh with me when I screw up, and let’s help each other to get more and more organized every day. So, with that in mind, I wanted the mother on the ball to look somewhat humorous, and the baby to look like a who-baby from Dr. Suess. Casual and catchy.

So, with not a lot more direction than that, I managed to get a new design. And I am very happy with it!

This week also, commemorates the inaugural addition of Blitz-it Friday. I really hope you can join me!! It’s going to be so much fun!! Stay posted for updates. So, in a word, the BLOG got tackled this week.

Check out more tackles at 5 minutes for mom.

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