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Tackle it Tuesday: in the car.

So, here we are in St. Louis, visiting our fabulous relatives: Uncle Scott and Aunt Elizabeth and our bosom friends/ cousins: Jon Scott and Katie.  While everyone is relaxing with an action-packed movie next door,  I thought I’d get a little tackle blog in.  

The trip was fun and uneventful–only five hours.  We stopped at a Subway for lunch.  Did you know that our family eats five foot longs?  I guess we were hungry. 

 Somehow, I think the mere presence of our big family makes the servers a little nervous. 

 I may have befuddled my “sandwich artist” when I asked him to put olives and peppers on 2/3 of the sub.  He proceeded to put the items on what looked like 1/3.  So, I corrected him and said 2/3 not 1/3. 

 And then he said, “how about half?”

 Realizing that he had no idea what 2/3 of a sub was, I said, “it’s a little more than half. 

 It ended up being 5/8 or so.  Really.  Next time I’ll get it right: I’ll ask for 9/16!!

I did some knitting on the way here. This is project I started TWO years ago.  I think I gave up when I ran out of yarn.  

Here is the sweater sleeve that I finished in the car.   Yeah!!  

For more tackles, visit: 5 Minutes for Mom.


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