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Tackle it Tuesday.. more garages!!

Here are some BEFORE shots of the garage.  We have 20 years of accumulated boxes, furniture and nails stuffed in a 2 car garage.

Some workers flattening boxes..

An overcrowded workbench

A fishing clean-up station, overcrowded.

Extra stuff…

 Basic organization problems:

1. Garage was used as a storage shed for miscellaneous things no longer needed.

2. There’s a limit to how many EXTRA cardboard boxes every family should collect.  

3. Fear of getting rid of things.


Got rid of extra sink and moved this cupboard for extra space along wall.

Labeled drawers with basic masking tape.  Behind it is the new and improved fish-cleaning station.

Found some nice pieces of furniture– You may be seeing this piece again in the future.

Check out the cool outfit! Here we are cleaning off a lot of the extra furniture and shelves.  This piece is going to be home for the gasoline type of products near the mower in back.  The rest of the extra furniture was given to neighbors.


Here’s the neatened-up workbench.   There are jars of nails and screws along the back.  The tool box holds the hammers and stuff .  Underneath, we put recyclables and yard toys.

There are a few “choice” pieces of furniture that the owner wanted to give to family, so we made a nice home for them.  Along the back are the gasoline cans and corrosive materials. 

Done!  For more tackles, look here: 5 minutes for mom. 

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