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Tackle it Tuesday.. my kids’ tackles

Every week I post about what I tackled, which is great and all.  I love tackling projects, but I really want to pass that enthusiasm on to my kids.  You know it’s HARD to do that.  It’s hot and vacation time, after all.  Our school years tend to be very labor intensive, so they all want to relax.  So, despite the lack of structure, here’s what my kids are tackling.

Hudbud: third child, 12 years old, officially taller than his mama.

Here he is helping shampoo the carpet after the flood.  He is still playing his cello and taking lessons this summer.  The most encouraging thing that has happened this summer is that he has really taken an interest in reading! He has read through a few books for the library summer reading contest! Way to go, Hud!

This is Than the Man and “Houston” or Robotdude, as I have called him.

Here are the boys tearing apart the old vanity with sledge-hammers.  Do you sense a little testosterone?  Good job on wearing safety glasses, guys.  Than is also playing his cello a lot and reading a lot this summer.  He’s been getting up early and reading his Bible with me.  We just sit and read independently, but I can help him with an occasional word.  Good job, Than!

Houston, our oldest, is still hosting robotics meetings once every two weeks–trying to get his team in order, playing his violin, reading a lot, and doing a lot of computer-related volunteer things for the chapel.  (I’m not really sure what it is exactly, but Daddy gives him projects) He, along with all the oldest 4 are publishing blogs this summer.  I have to ask permission to give you the links.  Good job, Houston.

Jo-with-it can be seen almost 24/7 with a book in her hand.  The few times I’ve managed to pry her away from the books, she finished a dress she’s been working on. 

She’s into “period costumes”, and she ordered this pattern and made it–with a little help from the O.M. 

Glad she’s only 14 or some white horse may dash up with a prince or something… 

She’s also been posting recipes on her blog and trying to make new things.  This is called friendship bread.  It is made with one of those “starters”.  Honestly, I’m not fond of those starter-deals because it puts me on such a tight schedule.. “you must make the bread on day 5” which usually happens to be the busiest day of my week.  After I threatened to throw the starter out, she made it.  Actually, was quite good.

Jo is also my photographer.  She’s awesome! Way to go, Jo!

She did take a picture of my burgeoning pumpkin plants, which are a continual source of amazement for me.  I really AM hitting middle age, but gardening IS fun! I can hardly believe that I planted a seed, and it’s growing (still).  

That little thing IS a pumpkin, I think.

And we have another child, our baby: princess E.  She’s starting to recognize letters already, which is a lot younger than I normally introduce things like that.  Whenever I call up my home page, she says “Wait! I see an E!” It’s from the EVERYDAY part of the banner.  And just now she just gushed and looked at me and said, “Mommy, I love you” through bites of granola.  Better go and capture the moment. Love ya, little E.


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