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Tackle it Tuesday: organizing cookbooks

After some great inspiration from my faithful blogging buddy, Laura (organizing junkie), I have been motivated to get organized with my recipes. Since I don’t have a truck load of loose recipe cards floating around, I thought I’d start with my overflowing cookbook shelf.

To be honest, I think I collect cookbooks as a way of marking time. I have the classic cookbook from the church I grew up in. I have cookbooks from the Officer’s Wives Club from different bases we’ve been stationed at. I have the mother-in-law cookbook that helps me to cook more like a stylish East-coast woman. And I have the classy midwest cookbook from my SIL’s church. And I have various health-conscious cookbooks from the various “healthy trends” out there. So, what is an organizing mommy to do?

First, I indulged in a little memory lane searching. I went through each cookbook and looked for

1. any recipes that look like I wanted to try and

2. any recipes that I have already tried that are good.

If a cookbook stayed in the “keep” pile it had to have atleast five recipes that looked good or were already tried.

These are the books that fit the Keep pile. There were 14 of them.

These are the books that did not make the cut. There were 18 of them.

Here they are. I’m not sure what to do with them.

Here’s my cookbook shelf now.

My goal for cooking is going to be this:

1. Use a recipe and follow it.

2. Take a picture and document any made-up recipes.

3. Make a list of all of the good recipes and keep it up to date and easy to find.

Tonight I made this great dish: roasted root vegetables.

For more tackles, visit: 5 minutes for mom.

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