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Tackle it Tuesday: organizing the sweaters

By now, you all know how much I enjoy this “Tackle it Tuesday” motivator by 5 Minutes for Mom.  Well, I have some good news.  I have finally been chosen to be the “resident tackler” for their site!  My official duties start next week.  Yeah!!!  I will tackle there once a month, and then I will coordinate for guest tacklers for the other three weeks.  Isn’t that exciting?!!  

So, what am I tackling this week?  Sweaters!  We had our first big snow today, so I have to get the warm clothes ready.   I like to sort all of the clothes at the end and beginning of each season.  

To start, I put all of the sweaters on the bed.  They look kind of pretty like that–sort of creative, colorful, and happy.  Unfortunately, we have to sleep there, so I’ll have to put them in the closet at some point.

So, how do you sort things?  By color? By weight? By style? By usage? 

I’ve tried various things, and there is no inspired way.  This year I am sorting them by style/ usage.   Here are my categories: 

Long sleeved/ open neck

shortsleeved/ mock turtleneck

zippered or separated

turtleneck style

Finished!!  What a great feeling, and we can sleep on the bed!

Not pictured: all of the sweaters I weeded out for the donation pile! 

What are you tackling this week? Check out more at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Next week I will be tackling THERE.  


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