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Tackle it Tuesday.. procrastination project

I’m not really a huge procrastinator, except when I am.  See? So, when I am, I need motivation to get something finished.  

Here is a my current system for keeping my head on straight.

It’s a cheap notebook ($.10) and a super-scientific style list with homemade boxes by each item.  Genius, I know.  

When I have about 14 million things to do, all of which are unrelated, it helps to have a list.  My friend, Kathy taught me that.  

What kind of things did I have on the list last week? 

— clean fridge

–call piano teacher

–design quiz for prepositions

–sign checks (I love this one)

–write checks (not as fun)

Nothing impressive, really.  But it worked.  I actually plowed through the list, one thing after another.  Some of the things carried over into this week, but at least I didn’t forget about them altogether.  

Here’s my other project.  I have been working on this purple thing for SO long that I can’t remember what it feels like not to knit in purple.  

The Suzuki moms saw me knitting in purple last Saturday, and one of them said,

“You were working on something last year that was purple..”

Yeah.. and the year before that.  I am the perpetual purple procrastinator.  

This is it.  I AM going to finish this crazy project this month.

I think I can.. I think I can.. I think I can…

 Can you just feel the motivation??


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