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Tackle it Tuesday: recycling sweaters

Oh, this is so awesome.  My mother showed up with the coolest pair of mittens.  There was something very nice and warm and friendly about those mittens.   She told me that the local homeschoolers in her area were selling these mittens that they made out of recycled sweaters.

So, sure enough, I went out and bought some cheap sweaters and tried it.  Here is the first mitten!

Booties anyone??

Here is another sweater after I cut it up.  Sorry I don’t have a BEFORE picture.  (Some projects are so yummy that I forget to take a before photo!)

The procedure of making mittens from a sweater.  First, select wool sweaters.  If you can not find wool, you may need to serge the edges of the pieces immediately after cutting them out. 

The pink mittens and booties were from a wool sweater (above) and the striped fabric (below) was acrylic.  I was able to do the acrylic, but wool is best.

When you buy the sweaters, wash them in hot water and dry them in the dryer.  This should shrink them up a lot.  It is a great procedure called: felting.  Felting makes the little fibers of the sweater mangle up together so they don’t ravel. 

To make the mitten, I laid out the existing mitten on a piece of grocery bag and traced it for a pattern.  (Maybe I should publish a pattern?) 

All the pieces were cut out from the sweater “fabric” and duplicate pieces were cut from fleece for a lining.

 Everything is sewn on a sewing machine.  It took me about 5 minutes to make a mitten–fast!!  (especially compared to knitting!)

The lining is made from polar fleece.  It really is nice to line the mittens, hats, socks etc, so the seams of the mitten do not show.

and my friends..

and my newest friends..

and perfect strangers….

For more tackles, visit 5 minutes for mom. 

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