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Tackle it Tuesday: the garden!!

Before I get into this tackle, I HAVE to show you these pictures.

Here is Joanna flanked by two friends: Caroline and Shannen.

Jo and her big brother, Jamie.

The tall guy is Shawn (Shannen’s brother) in the back.  They were all going out to a homeschool  “Inaugural Ball”.  It was the end of the year party for the 8th–12th graders at our co-op.  Will and I sneaked into the ball and looked out over the balcony.  It was so sweet to see the kids enjoying themselves in a wholesome way.  

They only had a day to recover before: the GARDEN PROJECT…

Before right side..  Look at the tree and the grass.  That area is now all plowed up to the left side of the tree.  First, they burned down the burn pile.

Before Right side.  If you look at the two yellow bushes in the back, you can use that as a visual gauge to see how big the garden became…

We rented a tiller and tripled the size of the existing garden plot.  On the right we have already started planting some seeds.

We have planted about 1/3 of it.  I am trying a bunch of different seeds.  

So, keep looking here for more garden progress each week!  For more tackles, visit 5 minutes for mom.  And don’t forget to check back on Thursday night to link up your blitzing!!  


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