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Tackling it Tuesday.. working out!

No, the photo is not me!  I love her abs though.  When do you work out?  Yesterday I was stuck in the throws of a first day of a head cold.  As I was walking in to the gym, I had these thoughts.

When I’m sick, I work out because it makes me feel better.  

When I’m healthy, I work out because it’s fun.

When I’m sad, I work out because it boosts my spirits.

When I’m happy, I work out and share the joy.

When I’m tired, I work out because it peps me up.

When I’m too hyper, I work out because it gets rid of my excess energy.  

When I’m too busy, I work out to clear my head.

When I’m having a slow day, I work out to get me back on schedule.  

So, when do you work out?  Actually, I don’t exercise EVERY day, just a few days a week.  

cardio madness: a good, balanced article on cardio training.  

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