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Tackling life on Tuesday..

This week I am posting at 5 Minutes for Mom about tackling a large and overwhelming project.

This is my mother’s cousin, Karen looking overwhelmed.  

As you can guess by the picture, Karen is HILARIOUS.  We don’t get to see her very often, but when we do, we are always rolling with laughter.  She brought us a really hilarious game called: SNORTA.  Let’s just say that it sounds like your living room is a barnyard when you’re playing.  

Now I have a series of random things to tell you!  Here is a quilt I started…in ???, and my Mother finished it for me!!  She had it completed (along with 3 other quilts).  I call this: the Luna moth.  It’s a perfect summer evening.

These are two snow-people dancing together.  Can you see how the left one leans slightly one way?  We made these up north.  They started out straight.

This is my new shoe (left) right along side of my old shoe (right).  Welcome to the world, happy Keens.  The contest shoes came in!! 

Last but not least, our caboose child (Emily) is starting her first reading lessons!!  She is only four, but she was begging for a lesson.  When she jumped up on my DH’s lap and touched the decal on his sweatshirt and proudly read (from left to right) ” I..Z…O..D..”, I figured she was definitely showing signs of readiness!!

Happy Tuesday. 


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