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Tackling life on Tuesday.. just a few things

As some of you may know, our home is a great stopping location for O’Hare International travelers.  These guys just got back from India in good shape.  I’ve flown internationally a few times, and when you get back from a 27 hour flight, you are absolutely slap happy.  These guys were no exception.  God protected them all the way, and it may be a while before Nancy wants rice again.  

Also, I’ve been trying to re-create a sweater by knitting as I go.  Here is the original sweater with the balls of yarn all around it.

I finished both sleeves this week.

Another great thing I got to check off my list is mailing out the annual New Year’s letter and thank you cards for Christmas and birthday gifts.  Whew!  It was a huge job, but it got done.  Here is my brother.  He really IS a sweetheart. Don’t let his good looks scare you.

Are we dramatic or what??  For more tackles, check out tackle it Tuesday.


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