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Tackling Tuesday.. my messy Monday

Welcome to my Monday Morning mess.  Actually this week is pretty typical of most Mondays.  I won’t even offer any crazy excuses like: we had guests this weekend or the weather was great for a walk.. or any of that.  I can’t fool you guys.  We’re just lazy.  LOL.  Seriously,  it’s just the kitchen clutter that is out.  The Bosch is still out from the yummy banana bread I made this morning.  The deep fryer is still out from those egg rolls we made on Saturday.  Let’s not forget the special boxed pizza for Sunday night in the over-flowing trash.  No wonder the mice are living large around here.  Whew!

Another view..

And some how in the course of the day, it gets all cleaned up.  Monday evenings are very nice around here..

Can this be the same kitchen?

We might as well conquer the livingroom while we’re at it.

Who’s the cutie in the corner??  

And there’s been a little progress on:

Project purple..

Hopefully NEXT Tackle Tuesday I’ll be presenting the grand finale for project purple.  I know.. the suspense is killing you.  Sorry.  Check back in a week.  

Do you like my tackles?  If so, tell Susan and Janice at 5 minutes for Mom that I need to be their new tackling editor.  

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