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The Minimalist Manifesto

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

My dearest baby boomers–

A representative from the younger generation (ahem… yours truly) is writing to you.  We want to help you because you are just about to be overcome with stuff. An avalanche is coming, and you need strength, fortification, courage and a donation box in each hand.

It’s like this.

Your parents are aging and so are you.

And grandma’s stuff is just waiting to be handed down to you in the next ten years.  And if you are fortunate enough to have your millennials move out, they certainly aren’t taking their stuff with them.

If you are true baby boomer, you are between 54 and 72.  You’ve lived enough of this life to have permission to take charge of some things–like your personal space, for example.  My parents are just a wee bit older, and I’m a wee bit younger.  But we’re heading there soon, very soon.

I believe in empowerment.  I could come to your house and personally tear through it like a tornado and hand deliver every unwanted item to the local donation center, or I could just teach you how to do it yourself.

So, let’s start with a simple manifesto of simplicity.  I hope this piques your interest enough to keep reading and get tossing some stuff! So, without further ado–

drum roll please……

1. I will only have in my home that which brings usefulness, beauty, and current peace of mind.

2. I will not use my home as a receptacle of other people’s stuff, except in cases of a defined period of time where I have agreed on it ahead of time.

3. I will not be manipulated by family members to receive heirlooms or other items for sentimental reasons. I will  not allow the older generation to “push” items on me that I do not want or need.

4. Anything given to me is not to be asked for in the future.  It will be only in my possession as long as it meets a current need and is useful.  If you give it to me, consider it gone.

5. I have permission to have an orderly space.  Anyone who does not appreciate this will be put out on the curb, along with their junk.

I am going to walk you through the steps of having hard conversations with your parents and your kids, but for now, you need to adopt a new mindset about stuff, time and energy.  Keeping your parents possessions needs to be your choice, not theirs.  Unless they want to pay for a storage unit for their stuff post mortem, they should not be insisting on anything.

But there are some excellent ways to keep their memories alive that do not require “space”.  I’ll be exploring these things in the future blog posts. —————————————————————-

I’d like to close this post with saying: It’s good to be back.  It has been three entire years since I closed this blog.  Since then, I’ve done some very awesome life-altering things.  I went back to school and completed a massage therapy program.  I have a business with actual paying clients!!  I have a daughter who is married now.  In about two weeks, I will have my third child done with a bachelor’s degree.  My youngest child has just finished her seventh grade year.  And these are just a handful of things that have been going on in our lives personally.  Comment   or send an email about what you would like to see on the blog for future posts.

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