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The nitty gritty on the castles in France..

So, this should be the last post on France (maybe). O.K. give me a break. I don’t get out much, and the glory of it needs to last beyond one week, don’t you think? So, here we are in France. I’m going to give you a tour of our castles that I did not report on yet.

This tree impressed me. The only other tree that I’ve ever seen that is this old is the “Charter Oak” in Connecticut. Now, if I think about it, this tree is fairly young compared to the abbey. They have it dated for the year: 1726 (I think).

And this is the last picture from the Abbey. I love the gradient of colored leaves on the outside of the last building. The car in front tells the real story of why this particular site was a bit of a disappointment. It’s not that the castle wasn’t beautiful; it was. It’s just that it has been taken over by private ownership. That day there was a very fancy (think Paris) wedding going on–complete with expensive cars, skinny women in high fashion couture, men in expensive suits and polished shoes. In a way, it was a taste of what people think of when they think of France. They are thinking of Paris, actually.

The next castle on the scene is my favorite castle: Chateau de Bussy Rabutin. It was also northeast of Dijon, in the general direction of the Abbey. All of these castles close at 6:00 p.m., so you can do both in one day, if you plan well.

When people visit museums and castles, I know they always feel obligated to say something snooty tooty and erudite. I always wish I could spout off facts about art history at this point, but no.. I had to let it go..

So, after gazing for a long time at this painting of a manly looking Queen Elizabeth I, I said, “It looks like she could bench press 200”.. that caught the attention of an older English gentleman who laughed hysterically. He turned out to be a friend and our photographer for the rest of the tour.

The next castle was also “hidden in plain view”. It was the Hotel Dieu or Hospices de Beaune. It was located in Beaune, about a half an hour south of Dijon. If you read this post, we saw this after we enjoyed all of the countryside of the Bourgonge (Burgundy) area.

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Thanks for coming along for the tour. I’m actually thinking about writing an organizing post. Don’t be too shocked if it happens.


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