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Introducing the ONE HOUR BLITZ!!

OVERWHELMED with the house?  

Is Everything Everywhere? 

I think you need the ONE HOUR BLITZ.  

Here are the rules:

1. No sitting down

2. No answering the phone

3. No eating

4. No computer

5. No paperwork

6. No talking to kids and answering long questions

7. No stopping

Here’s the equipment: 

2. Grab a big jug of water to drink

3. Grab a notebook and a pen.

4. Put your running shoes on.

5. Put on an apron or work clothes.

6. Pull your hair back!

Here’s the procedure:

Set the timer for one hour.

Go! Buzz like a little bee!  Swing from the vines like a hyper monkey! Dash through the currents like a joyful dolphin! Go!

For every minute of this hour you will be MOVING fast, doing housework.  

Here are some ideas:

1. Clear off the kitchen table; remove the junk.

2. Wipe it down, and wipe the chairs too.

3. Sweep under the table.

4. Buzz around returning things to their locations.

(While you are doing this, you MAY be tempted to stop or get distracted.  If this happens, write that idea on your notebook!)  

5. Clean off stove, microwave, counters, etc.

6. dust livingroom

7. clean a few windows

8. clean the fridge

(Make notes in that notebook, but don’t stop!)

9. Laundry

10. fold, put away, iron

 (mending is a sitdown task, so don’t do it!) 

11. wash windows

12. clean toilets, floors, sinks, showers. 

(don’t stop!)

13. remove stains from carpeting, cleaning the car or garage, or…. come up with your own ideas..

Benefits of the one hour blitz:

1. Cardio-respiratory workout.  If done correctly, your heart rate should be up to 128-139, depending on your age/ condition.  This is the equivalent to walking for an hour.  

2. A fairly picked up house!  You may not be able to do everything in one hour, but you’ll probably be able to accomplish a lot!

3. A cleaner space for doing those things that require more concentration like: computer tasks, writing, bills, menu-planning, etc.  

How to achieve a more efficient blitz:

1. If your children can not possibly live without you for one hour, ask your hubby to watch them for the hour.  Tell him that you’ll iron his favorite shirt.   

2. If possible, train your children to respect your time a little more.  They probably won’t die from a one-hour break from asking you questions.  Spend some quality time with them after the blitz.  You’ll all love each other because of it.

3. This blitz does not replace a family clean-up time.  I engage my family in clean up throughout the day.  If you have a lot of children, you will be doing more management than actually cleaning and moving during a family clean-up.   The blitz is more like a personal attack on the things than I know the family can not help with.   Generally, I blitz in the morning, when the older children are doing independent school work.  A family cleanup blitz  is usually in the evening after dinner.  

4. If one hour seems overwhelming, start with a 30 minute blitz at first.  It’s better than nothing!! 

Don’t forget to check back on Thursday nights/ Fridays for the weekly link up.  You can TOTALLY DO THIS, and it’s so fun to write it up and tell the world all you got done in ONE HOUR!!!  It’s like a kick in the pants.  It’s like a self-contained whirlwind.  It’s.. it’s.. a BLITZ.

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