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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I woke up this morning full of anatomical terminology swimming in my head and crashing in the waves of application.

“erector spinnae” “psoas” “cuel” were calling out my names, and then I was trying desperately to remember not only where the muscle was but what is needed to activate it, or stretch it or relax it.. What to “fire up” or not to and when…

It was only 6:00 a.m. and I could (almost) hear the sound of the fan going on from the “hard drive” spinning. Only the hard drive was my mind, and the fan was just leftover caffeine from the day before.

My muscles were twitching–not from overuse–just because they were trying to find


I had this wonderful feeling that I had done something. something great. I had learned so much of the beautiful human body that God has created. I have learned that there is so many ways to really help people just by applying principles of exercise in the right way, and NOW I think I understand it. (a little)

And just like my counseling class was a big gestalt, for me personally, of putting the theories of biblical principles and how the mind works together into a workable form, the principles of this pilates training put anatomical philosophy and practical exercises together in that same level of usefulness.

So, if January was my month for learning about counseling, and February for taking on anatomy, what will March hold? Let’s see. The inner self, check. The body, check.

I say this tongue and cheek, but on some days it would be easier to be schizophrenic.

“Today I’m going to be… counselor” or “Today I think I’ll be a blitzing homemaker..”

“Today I’d like to be a creative person..” or “How about an exercising teacher?” “do I hear standup comic?”

I’m not trying to boast, so please understand. I’m not focused, and I like so many things. The only thing I focus on is the thing I’m working on at the time. When I’m done, I move on. And I wonder, what is the LORD doing here? Is there going to be a phase of my life where I take one of these passions forward a little more than one of them? Is something going to become a little more center-stage as I move into my empty nest years? (Obviously, right now is not the time)

Will I continue to be A.D.D. about “life”? As much as I like it, since everything is still a “hobby” rather than much of a “job”, I still wonder how easy it appears for some people to “specialize” so naturally. While I probably won’t know the answers to these questions for a while, and I don’t expect any of my readers to have any great suggestions, I do wonder these things.

And I wonder how I am going to unearth a path from the side of my bed to the bathroom, since everything I wore this weekend went into a pile. The laundry needs to be done, and there’s a layer of grunge on everything. (And yes, we had guests for lunch, today) I know. I know.. I’m a glutton for humbling experiences. I managed to blitz on a Sunday morning to literally “sanitize” the kitchen. Thankfully I had a meal made and frozen that went directly into the crockpot. So this is what makes my home sing. My craziness. My thinking outloud on the computer for the whole cotton-pickin world to see. And that’s just the way it is.

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