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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I’m going to make a bunch of excuses about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, but the truth is–that I have been watching the Olympics. I enjoy every swoop and dive of the skaters, every bounce and jump of the skiers, every crash (of every sport) and the drama behind their lives. I grieve for the ones who fall, don’t make it, or get injured. I am saddened by the death of the Georgian luge runner who lost his life.

I have been trying all week to summarize my thoughts about the Olympics, but I think I’ll just say something funny. I have just recently found my new hairdo role model.

I’m going to have to work pretty hard to get my hedgehog updo to look that cool.

So, other than plunking in front of the TV for a few hours each night, what else is going on around here?

Well, remember how I said that God likes variety? After our adventures at the flea market on Saturday, we arrived home and launched into some ironing to prepare for the next day’s adventures at the Itasca country club. We visited a church in West Chicago and headed out to Itasca for a gathering of Air Force academy “nominees” and their families put on by the parents association.

Yes, there really is a Northern Illinois parents’ association for parents whose children are attending the Air Force Academy. It was a fancy brunch, and there were many presentations about the academy and cadet life. It was very informative and interesting.

Because my husband is a USAFA grad (’87), academy life is not something our family needs an education on. This military talk has been floating around our family for as long as it has been in existence. But other families…

Oh the dad sitting to my left… God bless him. His son is determined to do this, and he is just hoping against hope that the acceptance into Stanford will come any day and change his mind, since his acceptance into Purdue and U of Michigan didn’t.. There is no changing the kid’s mind.

No kid goes to USAFA because their parents want him to, nor does he turn down an appointment because his parents don’t want him to. It’s this fierce independence that actually is part of the prototype of who makes it and who doesn’t.

So, where do we fit into all of this? Well, Jamie has not received an appointment yet. We are waiting, hopeful and in faith, that God will provide what is best for Jamie. Only God knows the future and what he needs to be molded best into who God wants him to be. After attending the brunch, I have a peace about him attending USAFA. I can really see how God could use this to shape him. I also know that the competition is fierce, and we should not expect anything.

Jamie seems to be fine about things. He finished the application process and got right on to the next day’s business. I, on the other hand, breathed a huge sigh of relief. The application process has taken our family over a year! Even if he does not get accepted, I will be prepared for whatever the remaining four children want to do after high school. Can it possibly be worse than this? His final PT test was last Friday. The last of the recommendations came in, and the final two essays were written, edited several times and submitted online.

All of the hoopla of planning a high school graduation/ party will soon begin. I’m already brainstorming ideas about it. If he does get the appointment, he will be leaving (for good) on June 30th. Graduation for us is May 15th. I just ordered the cap, gown and tassle yesterday.

I submitted a baby photo for the yearbook.

In the meantime, I have no clean underwear. (you had to know that) And I think I will toodle out and buy some, since it doesn’t look like I’ll have much time to do laundry for the rest of the school year. Let’s see… the next time I’m available for laundry is.. Friday. Can you say.. busy?

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