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They love me here at Walmart..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

My Grandpa Al, who currently lives in the nursing home, gets a little confused at times.  I guess that’s why he’s there.  Confusion.  Confusion between night-time and daytime.  and who his girlfriend is. and where he is.

“They love me here at Walmart!’ he told my Uncle Rick when he went to visit him.  He has resolved himself to the idea that he lives at Walmart.

“I would move out, but I only have $3.00 to my name.” “All I need is a plot of land.  I think I could even live in my truck”

And my personal fave:

“You wouldn’t believe how many girlfriends I have here!  I must have 12 girlfriends..”

Yes, Gramps, you have 12 girlfriends at your home, which is, as we all know, Walmart.

His current girlfriend was a gal, twice his size, who ran over him in her “poly-wagon”.  Gramps called his little cart thing that keeps him on a buzzer a “polly-wagon” because it is made from polyuerethane.  Apparently, “Tish” has one also, and that is how they met.

Have you ever wondered where you think you’ll be living some day?  How would you like to spend your final days at “Walmart”??  However you find yourself in the end of the earthly journey, I hope your heavenly journey begins with being in Him, all the days of earth and heaven.

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