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Things that make me think: Link-licious

LINKs that make me THINK

1. Codex Alimentarius: Can someone tell me if this is REAL or a scam? If it’s real, I’m going to turn into a paranoid wreck of a healthnut very soon.

2. Can you believe that I was going to make a pattern, and here it is for free? Woolen beret by Martha Stewart. So, maybe wasting my time on this sort of this sort of thing is really a waste of time?

3. Can it be this easy to make soap? I need to do this. FIMBY soap making. Yes, it will involve some work and investment, but I think the long term benefits will be good.

4. Can you really live without money? Suelo does. Read about him on Emily’s blog (below)

5. who has mastered the art of simple living and making yogurt-type of stuff. I tried it once, but I never tried straining the mixture with a cheesecloth!

6. Inspired for crafting! Love this simple leaf quilt thing.

That’s all the inspiration and thinking I can handle right now!


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