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Those awesome lists…

Updated: Mar 16

For Christmas, my husband bought me a planner. I got to choose the color between something boring and lime green.

So, I’m sitting here with my lime green planner in hand, and I made a list of everything that I wanted to get done today. I asked the Lord for guidance as to what I should do first.

Here were the random things on the list:

Make verse practice sheet

clean craft room

hang labels in dungeon

print off things for study skills class

coordinate test for Algebra 1/2 with boys

call Mr. Asher for cello replacement/ repair


make bread

teach Emily one hour school

study SBC (bible study)

After I did that, I put numbers next to each of the items. At 3:37 p.m., do you want to know what’s done for today?

1. Made a practice sheet for my memory verses. I have the entire chapter of Psalm 34 as my memory goal. On the sheet is the first 2-3 words of each verse with lines to write the rest of it.

2. Made bread. (the kids helped)

3. Ate breakfast/ cleaned up room/ got dressed (not on list) and did school with Emily

4. Called Tom and coordinated for the kids to run the cello errand.

5. Got together with the boys to figure out their Algebra 1/2 tests.

6. Cleaned up craft room.

7. Printed off study skills materials for tomorrow’s class.

So, what’s left? The labels, SBC, and ironing. But I’m tired and hungry. So, they’ll have to wait.

All this to say that it feels good to put the Lord first, the household/ kids second and the blogging third. Yes, we CAN have joy and peace and order in our lives if we submit our desires to Him.

Emily said to me, “Let’s sing a joyful working song today, Mommy,” and she proceeded to sing

(to the tune of old time religion)

I’ve got joy in the morning

I’ve got joy in the evening

I’ve got joy in the noontime.. and that’s good enough for me..

I’ve got joy (rest) WOOO!

I’ve got joy Wooo!

I’ve got joy Woo!… it’s good enough for me..

And if you want to try this at home, make sure to throw your hands into the air when you say, “Woooo!”

(No, I don’t give her coffee… she’s just too much like me)

So, let’s have JOY in our little lists and submit our desires to him!


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