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Thoughts on the simple life and Tackle it Tuesday

The Simple Life.. the phrase has always eluded me.  Occasionally I have heard people talking about the simple life in such a way that makes me wonder why I have never gotten it.  I read a book once that really befuddled the issue for me, it was called  “A Busy Woman’s Guide to Simple Living”.  It involved “simple things” like heating your house solely with a wood stove, and growing everything yourself  etc. etc.  

Not to be critical of the author, but I just didn’t get it.  

But now, something has happened.  It may involve, in a small way, getting it.  Look at these.

I still can’t believe that these were a small seed a few weeks back.  It’s HUGE.  

One thing that has changed.. is me.  I now realize that part of the “simple life” is rejoicing in simple things.  I can not believe how going out there and looking at those pumpkins has cheered me up.  Like realizing there’s a rainbow somewhere out there and then finding it, that’s kind of how I feel. 

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on.

There’s a story behind this.  Look closely at the fabric, there’s not more than two squares that are alike.  That’s because they were all scraps.  I bought a $5.00 scrap lot from a nearby quilt shop.  Some of the scraps were bigger: the brown and light green, but most were just little squares.  This is sort of an off-set log cabin thingy.  

The inside was a 1 yard/ 50% off piece from the same collection.  Yes, there is a zipper.  I like to make bags with zippers!

This is my “first draft” of a fanny pack pattern that I am making.  Sewing is rough, but you get the idea.

Pink lining, anyone? 

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