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Time Management with preschoolers!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

These are some of methods for managing time with a preschooler.

All work and no play makes a mommy quite crabby and a preschooler whiny. But all play… well… I’ve never been very good at that. Are you? Do you find it easy to sit and play all day? I’m way too high strung for play. Type A. nerd. workaholic. whatever you want to call it.

So, to keep everyone happy, I came up with a little system for when Emily and I get to spend the whole day together. Since my idea of fun is: working, and her idea of fun is: playing. We do a little of each.

1. I set the timer for 12 minutes. (Why 12? I’m not sure. It seemed like the right amount. Maybe because there are 5– 12 minute sessions in an hour)

2. For the first 12 minutes, we play. We play trains, legos, or “fun thinkers” or whatever she wants to play. It’s actually good for me. If I start to get antsy, I know the timer is set and will ring soon.

3. The next 12 minutes are work. I can work (without interruption) by myself or she can help. She usually wants to help, since it’s so much fun to work. (Yes, I like working, and I make it fun!) There’s a lot of praise, “Wow! Did you fold that washcloth by yourself?” “Look how hard you are working!”

4. We take a potty break before the next play session. Then we repeat the process.

5. After a few sessions back and forth, we need lunch.

6. Before you know it, the whole day is passed. We got a lot done, and had plenty of time to play too!

This is Toby. Trains are her favorite way to play! What a neat treat for a job well-done!


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