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Time to lighten up the mood, already

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

So, it’s that dress-up time of the year, i.e. “Halloween” as some call it.  We have not celebrated this holiday ever with our children.  But this year, I heard about one of the bigger churches in town was having a “Trick or Trunk” event.  There was candy, superheroes, Bible characters, Disney figures, and many other things.  So, Emily went as “Belle” and I went as..  well I wasn’t sure what I was when I left the house.

Emily and I had a blast.  Some nice man bought us hotdogs and we brought home candy.  Emily had fun in the bouncy house with all of the little zombies and such.

I totally admire the ambition and resources and coordination of these bigger churches who make concerted efforts to reach their communities.  The “entire world” came out to celebrate.

The highlight of the evening?  Seeing our family friends all decked out in Star Wars costumes, welcoming guests into the building.  The entire family with all seven of their children plus a few friends of the family managed to fill every role of the Star Wars cast.  Quite impressive.

What a privilege to see God’s people being so creative!

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