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Total hubby sweetness..

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Oh just skip this if you don’t like mush (Becky O).

And yes, this is G rated. G for good and God, which is the only thing that makes a hubby sweet.

Yesterday, we had a mini Bible conference at the chapel. So, for us, that involves not only Sunday but Saturday as well. As you know, I’ve been struggling with basic home upkeep this week. After 6 weeks of robotics and eating dinner at 8:30 each night, I’m ready for some semblance of family order and not waking up to dinner dishes every morning.

And you can tell I’m down when I say things like this, “Oh, I’m so glad that the out-of-town preacher and his family didn’t stay here this time..”

DH: “Why is that?”

Me: “Because this place is a mess, and their home is so clean. “

DH: “So, what’s wrong with our house?”

Me: “We’ve been married for 19 years and you haven’t noticed that this place is (often) a mess?”

DH: “It looks fine to me. I can hardly think of a home where the Lord has used more than this one. If this is the way it looks, then, that is fine.”

Me: (tearing up) I love that man.

And my daughter, Joanna, 15, says, “Mommy, why would we care about what they think anyway? It’s not like they have to move in. We’re the ones who live here.”

The voice of reason and compassion. I hope Joanna keeps that great attitude. Maybe when she grows up, she’ll forget that she’s supposed to impress others. Oh, to have such an uncluttered mind and heart! And I hope that whoever marries that young lady will have the same attitude as her father does.

Being spoiled with love beyond belief is what is making me sing this week. It’s only possible with Christ! Thank you, Lord for loving me, despite these weaknesses!


For those of you who do not know, my daughter, Joanna, who was interviewed by the news this weekend, also writes a little blog of her own. Both her brother, Jamie, and I linked to the news clip, but she did not! She also has her own ETSY shop. I think her prices are very reasonable also. Almost every day I wear something she has made! And it’s not because I’m being nice. LOL.

For more making your home sing, visit MOMs the Word.

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