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I must have been without enough socialization over the summer because everything was all abuzz today at homeschool co-op. I hardly get in the door and I’m greeted with so many friendly, familiar faces! I want to know everything they’ve done all summer and what’s new. Are your older kids in college yet? Are your kids getting married? have grandkids yet?

And for the younger moms: Did you have that baby this summer? Where is she? he? Is that tall young man your son? He’s got a new hairdo. Is that your daughter? I hardly recognized her–she’s so grown up.. etc. etc. You would think I joined a social club instead of a homeschool co-op.

And last night at the mandatory parents meeting, the stern board member who was boring a hole through my head with her look and warning said, “We are here for our kids. This is a co-op, not a social club.” Uh-oh.. Now what?

I’m sure I was just imagining her looking straight at me. After all, there are only 153 families in this co-op, surely I’m not the ONLY social butterfly. You know how some people only look left and down when they speak to a group? Well, I’m sure that’s all she knows to do in a public speaking setting, right? Panning to the right and smiling are advanced skills, after all.

So, now that we’re settled on that issue, I have to tell you that I so enjoyed talking to Jeanine, a former student’s parent from writing class last year. She had WAY too many good things to say about the blog, but especially my hair! (of all things? my hair)

It’s about this hair. I want to grow it out (again). Whenever I try this, I come a soon realization that my hair is a natural frizz bomb, and then I remember WHY I keep getting it cut. At least when it is short, there’s less to kill in order to make it behave. Add the oppressive humidity and we have electric frizz bomb hair on steroids. So, in desperation Sunday night, I grabbed a box of baking soda and started putting it on my hair in sort of a dusting fashion.

At this point Will just hid himself and said nothing. Jamie and Hud said nothing because they never noticed, but Nathanael who notices some things but says EVERYTHING was in horror, “What are YOU Doing??”

So, I said,” I read this article on the internet about going without shampoo. I cant remember exactly what it says, but I know you have to use baking soda ” (Mind you, the article I read was about 3 months ago, so I don’t really have any directions or amounts handy)

I grabbed the box and poured a generous amount into a bowl and ran to the bathroom. Thankfully, only Emily followed and no one took pictures. I just started covering my head with baking soda and working it in.

I looked at myself. Pretty awesome, dude.

Seriously, I thought, “So, this what I’ll look like at 70, eh? Not as bad as I thought..” Then I remembered that part of the treatment was some sort of scalp massage. I tried it for a while, but got impatient.

And then I remembered.. vinegar. This thing is supposed to be rinsed out with vinegar. So I grabbed a big bottle and started pouring it over the white mass .

All I can say is: a really groovy sensation started happening on my head. It was sort of.. explosive… radical, man.

I suddenly forgot that I had frizz-bomb hair, and I was getting into this new volcano treatment on the head.. I wonder how long this will last? Should I keep adding baking soda or just let it calm down on its own? And why do I not remember reading about a head-volcanic eruption experience from the article?

or maybe I was supposed to dilute the vinegar?

So, I went without washing my hair with regular shampoo for an entire day or so. It did get some of the gunk out, but today I used regular shampoo and noticed my hair behaving very well for the regular shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment I gave it. I probably scared my hair into submission.

It’s saying, “No, don’t do that again. No more volcanoes, please!!”

So, that’s the secret. If you want to have beautiful hair, scare it into submission by creating a volcano on your head! And I’m telling ya.. that’s what totally works for me! For other WFMW, visit: We are That Family.


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