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Traveling to France…highlights

It’s amazing what a few hours of sleep and some food will do for a gal. Suffice it to say, I am no longer crying at the keyboard for lack of finding the @ key. @@@@@@ There bad keyboard; I think I have you beat–sortq… I mean sorta.

Now I know you are wondering if the poor gal riding next to me in cattle class had to wear earplugs or not. The answer is : No. She wisely announced that she would be sleeping the entire trip. So I proceeded to watch the same movie twice: once to get the plot and again to try to hear it. Love cattle class. Then again, thanks to the cattle, I am here.

The first blessing was meeting people in O’Hare. I met a fella and his mother from Chicago. They were traveling to Paris also. His partner/friend was French and giving them a tour. I think the partner’s name was Pierre, and he directed me to the train station when we arrived in Charles de Gaulle Paris. By this time I was starting to show signs of having been up all night, so I was willing to take the advice of anyone who could even fake English…<LOL

Once I got on the train, I proceeded to settle into a deep sleep. I awoke to the gasp of the cleaning lady who noticed me zonked out.. perhaps an hour after the train arrived in Dijon? Thankfully Dijon was it’s final destination or I’d be looking at a way to get back from Budapest this morning.

I had to hail my own taxi to the hotel Wilson and managed to only shell out 8€ for the ride..decent. And I did not even start to cry until I discovered Will trying to call me from the office and realized that I could hear the ring but not answer –the phone was low on batteries and then I went to send an email and couldn’t log in to yahoo because I couldn’t find the @ key. So it was then, and only then, I burst into tears. So when the kind hotel manager saw me blubbering over his keyboard in the common room (this is like a Bed and Breakfast) he had pity on this crazy American woman and fixed my phone and showed me where the @ key is on the keyboard. Oh, if all of life’s problems could be solved so easily!!!! more later::


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