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Undeserving of this kindness, Lord.

The mighty white birch looks up to heaven.. up to its Creator. Amazingly beautiful, majestic.. probably my favorite tree. It never used to be, though. Everyday of my life I just took them for granted, until I realized that every part of the world does not grow beautiful

trees like this. In fact, many parts of the world seem to be completely void of trees altogether.

…….just like you are.. love..”


And to clarify, if it isn’t obvious.. I do not believe in putting words into God’s mouth or lessening the Word of God. I was just having an imaginary conversation with God. I just had a slight worry that some might consider it irreverent. Anyhoo, no one has complained yet!

So, I love to link up something for Mom’s the Word, Make your Home sing Monday meme. I love you gals who participate in that meme also! We’re all in each other’s fan clubs, are we not?? So, being appreciative of God’s creation makes me SING.. hope it does for you too!


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