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We got here!!!

Reporting in from Ellenwood, GA.  We are staying with friends that we met three years ago during a work-related conference.  

I know you’ll be insanely disappointed that I didn’t throw anyone into a math tither by asking for 2/3 of anything. But, for my high brow readers, I know you’ll rejoice to know that I precisely  completed 1/16 of a new knitting thingy.  And I started correcting one of my student’s novels (finished apx. 1/12) And I ended up sleeping for about 1/6 of the trip.  And I drove for another 1/6.  

While we were almost here, my eloquent husband started trying out his Georgia-drawl on the fam.  Somehow, I do not think we’ll be able to fake it. Accents are not willy nilly.  They are very specific.  They could probably tell that we are not from Kentucky or Nashville or Georgia, even though it would be so fun to talk like that for a day. 

 They will undoubtedly discern that we are from the Land of Lincoln or something north of the Mason-Dixon line.  And then they’ll say sweetly, “Sugar, you aint from here..”  

Which reminds me of a funny story.  I have a friend who is a southern belle who married a military man.  Her husband, Rob was a pilot with Will back in our Air Force Days up in upper Michigan  (yoopers).  Rob’s wife, Jane, took a teaching job in the local community off the base.  After a while, she realized that nobody understood her, so she tried to modify her speech so they could understand her.  Finally, after a few failed attempts to northernize her accent, the kids finally asked her,

Mrs. Hyde, are you from England?

No why?

We were just wondering why you talk so funny.


Talking funny…. live from Georgia, y’all. 


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