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No, I think I just need a change of pace.  Less activities. more fresh air.  the basics.  

So, this is what has helped me (today at least!)

Took a big nap after lunch, which is after chapel.

Made a big spinach smoothie and ate it.

Went for a nice walk around the block with my sweet husband.

Took a bath and got in my jammies.

Planned the menu for the week and made a list of what needs to be done–tomorrow.

and guess what?  I’m not even going to worry about it until then!

Menu plan:

Monday: chicken lasagna and fumi salad (leftover from last week)

Tuesday: Sweet and sour pork, brown rice

Wednesday: black beans and rice

Thursday: brisket

Friday: chicken pot pie

For more menus: organizing junkie MPM

for more make your home sing: moms the word

Also, for those who read my post on: the challenge of going green

I have gotten a lot accomplished on that front in just one day.

1) I was able to sign up on freecycle.  It is a service that has chapters in different places.  I hooked up to the Rockford freecycle, and I love it.  I listed about 6 items to give away, and I’ve already had one thing picked up, and the others are heading out the door soon!  Yeah!  Freecycle is where you give away or get free things.  Obviously, I am not an expert on this, since I have a total of 2.5 days experience at the time of this writing.  

2) I was able to find my local recycling drop off center.  For those of you who are in Rockford, there is the Keep Illinois Beautiful campaign.  It is in Love’s Park and open for drop off from 9-12 on Saturdays only.  I haven’t called to confirm the details, but it seems like they will take almost anything that can be recycled.

3) I was able to call JULIE, that service that tells you where you can dig for a garden or any type of digging.  Actually, I didn’t call, I emailed.  For those in Illinois, we are supposed to call before we dig. 

Enjoy your Monday!


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