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We’re HOME!! Yeah!!

So, here he is–Jamie–looking expectantly at the score board to see how his robot did during the match. 

The Georgia Dome was filled with 300 teams for the FIRST Robotics Competition, and our little team with only 8 students and a hand full of mentors was competing with all the big schools from Detroit and all over the world.  As a Mom, I am totally amazed at what these kids are doing.

I must confess that I have not been overly involved with Robotics until this competition.  But I knew that it was a great thing for our children to be involved in, I just never really understood it until seeing the big events.  These kids, parents, teachers, sponsors, and organizers are really trying to make a difference in teaching young people skills, innovative thinking, business practices, creativity, and gracious professionalism.  That sums it up right there–gracious professionalism encompassed everything they did this weekend. 

The most exciting moment was (for our team) was when we were picked by a team to be in the quarter-finals.  It was an honor to be selected for this, even though they did not make it to the semi-finals.  I don’t understand enough about robotics strategy to understand why the other robots/ teams did better, but I know that I’m proud of our crew! 

Shawn and Jamie with the robot.

The local Atlanta businesses were very kind to us.  They opened the Georgia Aquarium for the robotics teams for a very reasonable price.  I don’t think all 5,000 participants in the Robotics events went to the aquarium, but we did pack it out pretty well. 

Joanna took some wonderful photos.  This is so impressive.  You walk through a tunnel of water with the fish swimming overhead.  It was really great.  Emily loved this part of the vacation. 

While we were in the aquarium, I met a teacher (Brian) with his four students.  If you guys are reading this, HI from us.  It was fun meeting new friends! 

Speaking of new friends, we met a lovely family at a local church we visited.  Here we are with Helen Anne and John in an Italian restaurant for lunch.

Joanna took their little one (Nathanael) and our Emily outside to play and for a photo-shoot while the adults visited.

Thanks so much Jo-jo for the way you serve the Lord!

New best friends..


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