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We still blitz!!!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

As pathetic as I am with routines, I actually have what-feels-like-spontaneous routine.  One of the ways I keep it lively around here is to keep the messes looking different each week.  Never create a mess that can’t be conquered in a one hour blitz.

So, what is a one-hour blitz?  I wrote a long post about here.  But in general, it is a focused work time that does it’s best to keep hands on tasks contained in one hour.  I have chosen not to do any type of sit-down work during a blitz.  So anything that involves a phone, a computer, a telephone or heavy thinking or journaling is not blitz-worthy.

Here is an example of how I use the blitz concept in my daily life.  Today, this is what it looked like:

  1. Unload the dishwasher and put away all clean dishes.  EW what IS that smell in the kitchen???

  2. Reload dishwasher and run it.  Smell is STILL here.

  3. Clean off countertops.

  4. Take out trash.  THAT was the smell.

  5. Handwash dishes that can’t go in dishwasher.

At this point, it was 30 minutes.  If I were pressed for time, I might have just stopped at 30 minutes.

Since it was a Monday, and I always talk to my Mom on Mondays, I just did a casual blitz while I talked to my mom on the phone.

While I was talking, I managed to make my bed, put away some laundry, tidy up the bathroom and finish the hand wash.  I really don’t know how long I was talking to her, so then when I got off, I really did set my timer again.

So, there we go again.  60 minutes set.

  1. Actually cleaned the bathroom

  2. Put in a load of laundry

  3. Cleaned and put away all the extra stuff in living room

  4. swept livingroom, kitchen and bathroom

  5. Mopped all of those rooms

  6. changed the laundry out.

  7. done for the day.

So, am I a perfect homemaker? Not. even. close.  Do I buzz around and make the house look decent once in a while? sure! Will it looked completely trashed tomorrow? probably.  But the one hour blitz seems to save my hide every day.

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