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Welcome to my blog party ’10

Updated: Mar 16

Hi! Welcome to Organized Everyday. Feel free to click around, enjoy some stuff and stay for a while. I only have 597 posts, so you can hang out as long as necessary.

I wish I could tell you that reading my blog is going to make you free from all of your organizing woes. I wish I could tell you that once you drink the blitzing elixir that you’ll never be a sloth again. And I wish that my recipes and crafts will knock your socks off in frugality and originality.

But the sad truth is that I am an ADD hedgehog who does not own a clean house with perfect children. I will stop all household systems for the love of a good story or a call from an old friend. I will often serve quesidillas every night of the week, until even the mice are speaking Spanish. My favorite food is beans and rice, or rice and beans, either is fine with me.

I don’t make birthday cakes for my children. I’m lucky if I remember when their birthdays are, let alone a bunch of fanfare. My kids are pretty good, despite the raw deal they were dealt in their mother. My husband is saint and eats whatever I serve, pretends not to hear all the dumb things I say and irons his own shirts from the dirty laundry pile. My mother is goddess with an iron in her hand. When she is not here, all wrinkles break loose.

I often go to bed with all of the dirty dishes out on the counter. So, do I have anything to offer? Well, I do write about crafts. This bag was made from recycled wool.

And if it seemeth good to thee, follow my humble blog all the days of thy life…


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