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What about us normal women?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

An actual comment from a reader:

“You are awesome, but much too scary for me. Organizing, teaching pilates, 5 kids, homeschooling? Are you kidding? I’m tired just reading your blog. Seriously, what about us normal women or those stuck in a rut?”

My response: Well, I’m tired just living my life too. Let’s all just go take a nap, OK?

Well, let’s just get one thing straight here. I did not write this blog to spread my awesomeness around the internet, since there really is nothing to spread around. If I have portrayed that image (the unattainable, perfect image) then I’m doing something wrong, or you haven’t read long or hard enough yet.

One thing is for sure. I do not organize, teach pilates, homeschool or anything all on the same day. Hardly a day goes by where I do not need a nap. I seriously wear myself out. But I do have five kids every day, and they can wear me out also.

Organizing: I organize on my stay-at-home days. Generally, I try to get organized for all of the craziness that goes on during the non-stay-at-home days. On a home day, I might: clean, organize, menu plan, cook, or ?? whatever you do when you are home.

Teaching pilates: This is probably the easiest thing I do. I just show up in my workout gear and teach class. They are all adults, and we have fun together. I only teach 3 classes a week, and two of them are on Wednesdays. (Woo Hoo for Wednesdays)

Homeschooling: This is the second easiest thing I do, since I hire this out. I used to teach all of the kids (at the same time). That is stressful and fun, but now I just work with my preschooler a little here and there. The other four kids are taking classes one day a week, and I just supervise/ threaten/ coerce/ etc. Oh, and I’m working on a transcript for our oldest child who is “aiming high” towards a military academy.

Five kids: This isn’t such a big deal, except they EAT a lot. It’s nothing to spend $200.00 a week on groceries, and that is with many beans and rice meals, homemade bread etc. I end up having to be more purposeful about dinner, since my kids are too busy to eat during robotics season. Joanna is the captain of the robotics team, Jamie is the head designer, and Will is a mentor. If I survive the next six weeks, we’ll be back to eating together as a family again…

So, what IS normal anyway? Normal is just doing what needs to be done and working hard doing it. Normal is just not complaining and trying to have a joyful attitude even when things are a little crazy. And I know you guys do that.

In fact, I know people who 1. do a better job with 2. more kids and 3. less resources than we have. So, we really are nothing special. Hurrah for you guys! For all of the “normal” people out there: hurrah for you too! I’m right in there with you.


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