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What organizing reveals..

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

You know this has been a light housekeeping year for me.  And now that my schedule is cleared, I am starting to peck away at the most disastrous areas in the house.

Now, keep in mind, it was hard to pick just one disaster, for they are legion.  But it was a safety issue in the garage, so I started there.

Let’s keep in mind that we did several remodeling projects this year AND didn’t do squat to pick up anything after anything.  just sayin’

O.K. Maybe someone picked up something, but it’s all arbitrary when it’s a snarled up mess.

So, where to start?

As usual, I am overwhelmed and hate this job.  What??  Aren’t I supposed to be the organizing mommy??  Don’t I love this stuff?  Well… yeah.. I love it when it is all done.  And then I have such a post organizing high that I just feel motivated to keep going.  But getttttttttttting staaaaaaaaaaaarted…

I think I’ll take a nap.

But this time I didn’t.  It was Father’s Day, and I know my husband really really really wanted this done.  So, I set my timer for ONE big hour on a Sunday afternoon, no less.  So, for the first time in a decade, I was awake on a Sunday afternoon, and HE took a rest.  O.K. granted he was jet lagged and got 3 hours of sleep the night prior,  but still.. it happened.

So, I worked for one hour on Sunday, two hours on Monday and just finished one more hour today.  And no, I am NOT done.

But I am feeling philosophical.  Do you want to know what organizing reveals?  Our addictions.  Our obsessive compulsive tendencies.

I’m quite certain that we will never run out of RAIN-X until the year 2014, give or take a year.  But we may need to buy windshield wash fluid by the year 2015.  And antifreeze by 2018.  But no fuel additives for atleast 2020, and that is if we don’t move to a warmer climate.

Hey, we have four cars and seem to be collecting them at a rapid rate, so subtract  a year or two from all of my calculations.

Speaking of cars, WHAT DO YOU DO with old batteries and old OIL?  We all know it is illegal just to put them in the trash, but I’m waiting for the little man, in the while coat, to come and visit me and tell me he’ll take away my toxins and old, scary things.

Wouldn’t you just love that if that happened?  Some compassionate little guy with a white coat shows up and talks to you about your fear of scary, household things and then just takes them away?  He would have the persona of James Dobson and the smarts of Ty Pennington.  And his team of workers would be smiling and nodding and making your home safe.  They would also take things like weird springs from the trampoline that you disassembled but never fully got rid of, and the huge antenna that has 100 year old mouse turds riding in the brown wrappings, and 17 containers of half filled whatever.. bye bye junk.

So, I think the main reason I like to organize is my fear of scary things.  Or the fear of being over-run by things in general, be they scary or not.  Which is precisely the opposite of a hoarding complex.  While hoarders wonder if they will ever have enough, we wonder if we will ever be to get rid of enough.

And to make it worse, my husband has suggested that I like the thrill of getting rid of things so much that I actually buy more than I need in order to get rid of it. See? there’s psychology here, and it’s very high brow.  I’m not sure what to make of it.

So, instead I think I’ll sing a goofy little song like Pooh bear does.  And I’ll make lunch, eat it, and go back out and log one more hour.  After all, as far as I can tell, the little man is NOT coming, and I’m too hot to put on a white coat!

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