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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Of course I can’t tell YOU what’s important for YOU.  I can only tell you what’s important for me.

And it is not, of course, articulating the what or the importance of it that is a struggle.  For we are all inclined to say that our families are first.  Right after Jesus, our husband and children are next.  And our parents.  

But it is the day-to-day of it all.  WHAT really is first?  What percentage of my life is going toward what really matters?  I wish I could tell you that it is always ALL in balance. 

 That this handsome man is my one concern–right after Christ.  That I never get sidetracked by stuff, activities, people, and nonsense..

 Even so,  despite the struggle to be to my family what it needs, constantly fighting with my flesh and being jostled about with every notion of nonsense, the LORD is Good.

Look at these guys! God doesn’t make junk.  He has picked up the slack where we have dropped the line.  He is forming each one of these kiddos into a work of his own making.  HE is awesome.  We are just swinging along–watching him work.

Thank you for all of my blog friends who also know what’s important and are struggling right along with me to keep it there.  I know how you guys love your families also and are always encouraging others to do the same! At this time of thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and my family-loving support network that I have amidst my blog and real life friends.  May the Lord Jesus be your source of Joy and Strength this holiday season!

Left to Right (Joanna 17, Hudson 15, Daddy, Jamie, 19, Nathanael 14) in front (Mommy and Emily, 6)    Thanksgiving 2011

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