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What to get rid of?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Jackie of JL Yarnworks who knits fabulously gorgeous things just watched the other video: indecisive box. Jackie writes (my paraphrase) “I want the in between stages. Like how do you decide what to get rid of or what to keep?” In other words, what goes into the decision making process?

My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I was reading her comment, and she said,

“Mom, that’s easy. You are not sentimental about stuff”

That sounds so cold. It’s true though.

Stuff is stuff. Even expensive stuff is just stuff.

If you look at Jackie’s blog, you’ll see some beautiful stuff. Maybe everything in her home is that beautiful, you know? I’d probably have a hard time getting rid of beautiful stuff also.

I think if I did not have the Lord Jesus and know that all of heaven was going to be filled with beautiful stuff, I’d clutch on to every last little thing this world had to offer.

It takes guts. It takes courage. It takes a hard headed woman to get rid of her college text books because they remind her she was once smart (and respected for it).

It takes fortitude to get rid of those size 6 pants and the tutu that she wore when she was 16 because it reminds her that she was once tiny and youthful and tutu-wearing.

It takes faith to embrace the present day and let the past go.

What you save says more about you than what you don’t save. Get rid of the things that are no longer “you” today. right now.

Take pictures and write a poem about the items that are special. See if that will do instead of keeping the item.

Hope this helps.

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