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When I grow up, I want to be like this gal..

For real.  I want to be like this gal.  She’s the one having contests, inspiring me and everyone else to get and stay organized.  She loves containers.  We must be related.  Until we meet in organizing heaven, I have to be happy just reading her no-frills good advice.  I really enjoy her no nonsense list of great things to do.  I would like to publish my own list of things to get and stay organized in a more philosophical sense.

1. Keep relationships simple. Don’t play games with people.  Be who you are; it’s less complicated in the end.

2. Recognize your weaknesses.  It helps you realize when you are heading toward a decision that will complicate your life down the road.

3. Recognize your strengths.  It helps you not judge others who are in the slow lane.

4. Laugh. a lot. 

5. Laugh at yourself not at others.

6. Give, don’t lend.

7. Save, don’t borrow.

8. Receive what’s given.

9. Get rid of what’s extra.

10. Always thank God. 



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