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Why I don’t need to blog on vacation!!

It’s not that I don’t miss you.  I do.  I love writing about organizing and everything else, but I have another “writing job” when I’m out of town.  I have to keep up with the B. Log.  

What’s a B.LOG?  Easy.  It’s a Bathroom Log.  Yup.  I’m not joking.  People from all over the world visit my Mother’s famous African-decorated bathroom, affectionately referred to as the “Afri-can”

Think zebras, giraffes, wild sage brush, elephants, wood carvings, and leopard prints.   Now scatter them in the space of a normal one-seater.  Add candles and ambience.  Can you hear the drum beats?  Now you’ve arrived in the Afri-can.  

When you’re properly seated, look down in the basket at your feet.  Reach for the precious book.  That’s the one–right nestled in with the extra towels.  

You will find a pen.  Write something.  Read something.  Add your name.  You can add more for each visit or you can just read and see what people have added between lunch and dinner.  

Afri-can writings 


sacred, personal and yet highly appreciated and widely read. 

 Temperature readings, menu choices, guests visited, games played, great jokes, disappointments, victories, old friends seen, general or specific impressions made, and appreciation given.  All recorded.    the drum beats on…. 

Thanks MOM for giving me a place to write when I’m on vacation.  

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