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Why the Franklin Method?

Updated: Jan 15

There's something to be said about finding your niche in the world of movement and bodywork. It can take years--especially if you are enticed by every "shiny thing". I admit it. I'm a continuing ed junkie. On the up side of this, I've come to be exposed to a lot of things. In my experience of choosing continuing education, it has benefitted me the most when I've gone broader in concept, rather than specific. I think it is because I am a global thinker and easily connect the dots between modalities and methods. But I need a constant diet of insight into the human body, the connections between the body and the mind, or a better way to communicate about them. Incidentally, the Franklin method does all three.

Eric Franklin, the developer of the Franklin Method, has worked very closely with some of the big names in fascia research, putting many of his theories to test in the world of academia. If you are like me and names like Dr. Robert Schleif, Thomas Meyers, and Ida Rolf are on your radar, you will appreciate the pain staking (German? Swiss?) tenacity that the Franklin methods are vetted. I would guess that Eric Franklin and his team are on the cutting edge of fascia and movement. Both movement and bodyworkers alike have a vested interest in fascia and its research. When there are uneducated charlatans touting "fascia blasters" and other damaging tools, it is imperative that we, as educators and professionals have the presence of mind to refute quackery when it is presented to us. Fascia is important, and we should know what we can know about it.

Then again, this may sound like academic gibberish. And it is. Thankfully, the Franklin method makes the complex very easy to communicate. Communication is the name of the game--specifically communication about movement. But really you could use these tools in almost any theater. Imagery or imagining something is a powerful tool in regular life, but did you know it can literally improve movement? I think that is very cool.

On a personal level, this just happens to wildly and serendipitously connect all of my past and present into one little package. For me: dance, communication, teaching,(all of my majors and minors in college) and pilates, massage therapy and --the first time ever Franklin Method teacher training online (thanks to the pandemic).. all bundle up into one fun thing! Mamajean has taken the expensive plunge to become a Franklin Method Educator. I'm hoping this will open doors to teach continuing education classes for pilates as well as massage therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Franklin Method, Here is the website: Franklin Method If you want to book a pilates or massage with me, feel free to contact my place of work: Chris Scott Wellness.

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