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Wisdom from the mouth of babes

Menu planning makes me happy, except when it doesn’t..  Just kidding.  O.K.  here’s a cute little, young wifey who plans GREAT stuff.  I’d like to make at least ONE thing from Angela’s kitchen

Other than that, I am making chicken pot pie for tonight because THAN said that’s what he wanted.  Maybe I’ll post a recipe.  Speaking of recipes, how do you guys get yourselves to actually cook with them?  I seem to think all recipes a mere “suggestion” of the ingredients.

Take this conversation from yesterday with Robotdude.

Me: How many cups of pumpkin do you think I have in this roaster?

Hubby: It looks like 30 or so.  Why do you need to know?

Me: Because the recipe says 29 ounces of pumpkin per batch of pumpkin butter

Hubby: What? You’re using a recipe? Is something wrong?

Me: No, I have to.  It’s only my second time making it.  So, what do you think? Should I measure the pumpkin?

Robotdude: Why don’t you do what you normally do?

Me: What’s that?

Robotdude:  Use the force!!  

GAH… The “force” what ever that is, got pushed aside.  There were 24 cups altogether.  

Here’s another conversation I had yesterday with Princess E, that talkative –almost four year old.

I just got done putting clips in her hair, getting gussied up for “meeting”.

E: Do I look like Diane?  (Diane is a friend of ours who married Travis, another friend of ours)

Me: Why of course you do.  Now, is DIANE the “standard of beauty?”

E: to Travis, she is…

Wisdom… Wisdom beyond her years… 




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