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Wordy Wednesdays.. a weekend party

I’m all about parties.  I’m just a social animal.  Sometimes I feel like a shaken-up bottle of diet coke just waiting for the cork to pop.  So, when there’s an opportunity for a family party, I’m all excited.  I love it when people create fun for adults and kids alike.  

Back when DH got his job at H.S. almost 8 years ago, he met Fred.  Fred is a jack of all trades and an unassuming engineer.  He’s a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, so it’s so cool that he has this huge family party every year.  He calls it the “hobo stew”.   

I could probably write a huge post about all the cool things Fred can do: like ice sculpting, wood working, arrow-head chipping and bronze casting.. just to name a few.  He’s also an engineer, since he couldn’t make a living as an anthropologist.  Despite the fact that he doesn’t fit the partying image, he manages to invite everyone (and their kids’ friends) to a big event each year.  On his 10 acre estate, cars were packed right out to the country road which is nestled in the heart of rural Rockton, IL.  It’s the only place around here that boasts of giant, beautiful trees rather than cows and corn fields.  

It’s a fun time for all the kids..

and adults  (Mom, Robotdude and DH)

This is not Fred.  I feel bad.  I don’t even have a picture of him.  He’s the kind of guy you might miss, since he’s so quiet.  He manages to have a lot of friends, like this guy.  I have no idea what his name is, but he’s there every year.  He works “the pot”.  It starts with 35 pounds of beef with a smaller pot filled with habeneros.  (Yes, it is VERY HOT)  Everyone brings several cans of stuff to put in the pot.  In all the years we’ve been coming, it always tastes great.  This guy sort of runs the pot…. (that amazing, huge cast-iron pot.  I covet that pot.  Oh.. the parties and fun I could have with a pot like that… ) 

until he puts on his fire hat and manages the bonfire.  

This is how it starts..  It is a huge (15 foot?) pile of trees and limbs from the yearly clean-up.

And then it looks like this..  A huuuugggee fire.. biggest one I’ve ever seen.  

Jo on the swing.  Thanks for taking all of the pictures, Jo-snapper.



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