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Works for me: morning family devotions

I have to admit: I am not a morning person naturally.  Anyone who knows me and is reading this will not believe this is happening to OUR family. 

It started in late November.  I was feeling like our family needed the boost of morning devotions, as well as the structure of routinely getting up early.  There was one problem: me.  

I was going to need to change!

I talked to my DH about the plan.  He and I both agreed that 6:30 a.m. was the best time for morning devotions for the family.  It would make sure that he got to work on time, and that we had time to do what needed to get done. 

So how did I change?  I just got out of bed when it was time.  Ingenious, I know.

What do we do for devotions? My DH leads a discussion about the proverb we’re studying, or we read from a biography.  It lasts about a half hour.  It’s not fancy.  We ask each child to pray and “exchange their wills”.  

So, if you’re up at 6:30 and you think of us, would you pray that we would be able to continue in this path with our family? I almost hesitated to post this, since we are so NEW at early morning devotions.  On some days, I can not believe it really OUR family that is getting up early!!  Wow.  God is good.  


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