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Yes, I really was on the news…

…Yes, I was really on the news, but not for anything exciting or controversial.  

For the first time since my DH and I have known each other, we went to our first movie in a theater.  It just so happened that it was the very last day this theater was operable.  Channel 17 WTVO was there interviewing people in the theater.  So, yes,  the O.M. was not shy behind the camera..  I told them the movie, Fireproof, is what had us there. 

It was fabulous!  In this very discouraging day, where everything and everyone wants to pull marriages apart, this was a wonderful breath of fresh air.  

So, when the news lady got over the shock of a couple never having been in a movie theater before, she was really interested in seeing this movie herself.  There was a picture of our backs, sitting in the theater, side by side, watching the movie.  


On a more serious note, I have been sort of grieving over the decisions our country has made.  I am not going to attempt political commentary here.  I would just make myself look silly if I tried.  Thus, the reason for the lack of blogging.  If you are rejoicing, I am happy for you.  While we still have freedom of speech, I will attempt to write and encourage.. and laugh.. in time.   For now, I will be spending more time in my Bible and in prayer.  


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