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You can skip this, unless you think our weird family is fun to watch.

This has nothing to do with organizing–just our weird family and our trip to the U.P. of Michigan.

Than helps Grandpa hang an antenna.

Grandma and Jo-with-it were the Yard Golf “Balf” champions.  Emily just jumped in the picture.

Here I am reading the log books to Emmy.  “Here’s what Mommy looked like when she was in the 8th grade going into high school. ” and “Here’s what Grandma Judy looked like when she turned 40!” (Sorry, I don’t have the shots, but they are hilarious)

Here is my Dad. “Grandpa Terry” as we call him.  He’ll be 65 in a few weeks.  

Playing “BALF” as I call it.  It’s quite fun!  I think I was the “reining champ” last year?!! Go figure.. something athletic and coordinated, and I did it.  Incidentally, my team came in last place this year.  I guess it’s all random, isn’t it?

Do we not look like the “yooper” couple here? Dad in his flannel shirt and baseball cap, ma with her mouth open, with a lovely woodpile as a backdrop… aahh.. so scenic.

Jo, tossing the golf ball.

This bush is in front of my parents’ home.  It’s so pretty.

Collecting orange “Indian paintbrushes” as we call them.  Not sure what the botanical world calls them.  

Wow! Are you ever patient! Thanks for the trip to the cottage, Dad.


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