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You’ll be happy to know..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

* You’ll be happy to know that the poppy seed I’ve been faithfully carrying around all day between my incisor and eye tooth on the left side is finally dislodged.  It was a really awesome thing to have that big black blop there all day–not quite as special as a tongue piercing or something–but special nonetheless.

* You’ll also be happy to know that God’s will has been revealed.

Emily came bounding up the steps this weekend and jumped into my room and said, “I know God’s will!”

“Good! Can you reveal it to me, then?”

“No! Mommy!  I sounded it out.  I sounded out G-o-d’s w-i-l-l”

* After her first full day of school, Emily was sitting on the bed lining up all of her carebears and playing some sort of game with them.         “Did your carebears miss you today, Emily?” “No Mommy! Carebears do not talk.  They are stuffed animals!”

“Oh, thanks for being such a pragmatist.”   I so dumb.  When did she stop playing make believe? I think she is officially done with being the perpetual three-year-old that we all think she is.  She was relieved when they did “real school” in class like reading and writing.  Enough games already.

Are you sensing an ENTJ?  yeah.  me too.  No thanks to her mother.  I was an ENTJ for years and lately I’ve been coming out more like an ESFP. I need to order the real test rather than just take the free Myers-Briggs that they have online.

Speaking of ENTJ, I gave all of my Hallstrom study skills students AND the Regents Language Arts students the learning style indicator (Myers-Briggs) and multiple intelligence tests to start off the year.  Some of the kids really got into it.  It really helps me to get to know the students and custom-fit the curricula to their needs.

But I will say this.  I am tired.  It’s a huge waveshock not only going back to school but going back with the house sort of half finished, new (last minute) responsibilities, and just everything all at once.  I’m not overwhelmed, but I need to keep close tabs on my walk with the Lord.  If you think of us, pray for us.


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